Wednesday 28th - Saturday 31st July 2004 - PADI Diving Course
Cairns probably is the most popular Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. So the last couple of days we did a diving course giving us the Open Water Diver Certificate in the end. I already had a certificate, but the time I did it is more than a decade ago and I couldn’t quite remember all of what I’ve learned…
The course started out in the pool where we learned all the skills which are necessary in any case of emergency under water. After that we went out to the Reef for two nights. The Great Barrier Reef is about 2.500 km long and consists of about 2.500 single reef pieces. It is about 20 km away from the coast. Swimming there obviously is impossible.

On the way to the Great Barrier Reef

All that diving gear is quite heavy

Our "swimming hotel" - the Atlantic Clipper

Impressions from the Reef

Low Tide at the Reef

A white wale - the "only one" in the world. As we found out later, there is more than one.