Saturday 17th - Tuesday 20th July 2004 - Bus Tour and a 1.000 km Pub Crawl
To get from Alice Springs to Darwin we decided to make another tour with a “tour-bus”. Later on we found out that that was one of the little possibilities to get up there, because obviously the train has been booked out for months already. A phrase on the bus said “Let the others hurry”, but somehow it crossed my mind more than once, that we were the once hurrying…
Well, after all we had 1.700 km, but that’s what’s our tour guide was there for. We saw sort of everything that was on the official itinerary and the food was really good, too. However, we didn’t stop very long at each sight and didn’t really get a whole lot of explanation. The tour itself was rather average than great, but the people were really cool and especially the last day was a lot of fun. Greets to everyone who was on this tour with me and of course the longest pub crawl in the world. I had a good time.

Devils Marbles at sunset - No more Swimming in Rapids!

Daly Waters Pub - Pub Crawl - that was one of three pubs we visited during our second day 700 km drive up north

Everybody can leave something behind to be remembered, after give a little donation to the Royal Flying Doctors. Many Outback Pubs look that way.

Small Termite Mounds

Mataranka Hotsprings - Bats - The bats guard the hotsprings during the day by shi.. the forest from above. At dusk about 400.000 of them take of to find food. Pretty amazing.

Mataranka Hotsprings

Kathrine Gorge Canuing - we had to carry our canoes over the rapids and going back I had to do a rescue mission...

Big Termite Mounds

Termites - unbelievable that these small creates build house more than 6 meters high.

Swimming in Litchfield National Park