Monday 9th - Wednesday 11th August 2004 - Fraser Island - The Biggest Sand Island In The World
Our next goal after Arlie Beach and the beautiful Whitsunday Islands had to be Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island on our way to the increasingly cool south. Greyhound took us over night to Rainbow Beach which is a very quiet little town, but also the gateway to Fraser Island - the biggest sand island in the world. We did a self-drive 4WD tour on the island…
And driving over Sand with a fully loaded vehicle is very interesting. Fortunately, we never really got stuck in the sand. However, we had a flat tire on our first day.
The tour surely was an adventure and we broke about every rule we could break. By the way, it is not allowed to swim in the ocean on Fraser Island, because of animals it’s too dangerous and the beach is a road. Sometime, even the police are around on that road.

Rainbow Beach Sandblow

Rainbow Beach - the beach and the town obviously got their name from this rainbow like colored sands

Beer and Wine for 11 people and 3 days - is that enough?

It's time to pack the car...

The beach is a road!

Moheno Wreck

Our first illegal campsite

Champaign Pools - with a little fantasie water gushing over the rocks and into these pools looks like champaign. This is the only place to swim on Fraser Island.

Indian Head - from up here sometimes one can see sharks and other fish in the glass clear water below.

Lake Wabby

Lake McKenzy - brilliant

Native Dingos on Fraser - one of them stole our bread before we could even react