Sunday 22nd - Tuesday 24th May - Fiji Main Island
I spent my last couple of days on the Fiji main island. Fiji is not very big. At the harbour my travel agent was already waiting for me. She took me to the local bus stop and from there I took a mini bus to Suva, the capital. Unfortunately, I got there kind of late and didn’t really leave the hotel…
The main island is beautiful, but not the cities. You wouldn’t wanna stay there for long. Fortunately, I only spent very little time there. One day I did a tour and after that it was basically time to leave Fiji already and catch my next flight. Gosh, I think I already spent more than 100 hours in the air this year.

Nadi City. This isn't the capital, but the capital didn't really look much better. You cannot really stay there for long and another backpacker told me that she thinks Nadi is just like hell.

Souvenir and arts market in Nadi... As a tourist I just had to go there and see what they have...

My hotel room in Suva. I didn't need three beds though...

On a tour into the country... Fiji itself is very beautful.

The tour took us to a more or less traditional village - well, a little touristanized I would say. Who didn't know - Fiji is the country of canibals. Fortunately, there is no more around today.

Artwork... I found the market to be cheaper ;-)

Our lunch is being dug out of the ground. It was very delicious.

Of course, we had a cava ceremonie. That isn't the ceremonie thoug. Cava is a weird drink that somehow tastes like dish water - not that I've ever tried any. It make you tongue numb. Fijians have up to 30 cups, but I think that would really knock us Europeans out for a long time, although there is not even alcohol in it.

Someone I met on the tour.

A waterfall. Yes - I've seen thousands ;-).

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