Monday 16th - Satuday 21st May - Fiji Islands
Finally, I have some time to post some reports from Fiji. Fortunately, our hotel in Washington DC has free WLAN access. Since I wasn’t able to book an affordable hotel from Australia any more I just flew to Fiji. The only thing I had on the three hour flight to prepare myself for the stay was a Lonely Planet…
Directly inside the Nadi airport there are about a hundred travel agencies, from where I organised my entire stay. I was pretty tired getting there and the only thing I wanted to do for the first couple of days was relaxing in the sun and pretty much doing nothing at all. Two hours after my visit to the travel agent I was already on a boat to my first island. Fiji is expensive - so tourists from Germany tell me. In fact, prices for accommodation range from 20 dollars on the main island to a vast amount of money on little islands with secluded beaches in beautiful resorts. After a short discussion with my travel agent I knew what I where I would be staying for the first 5 nights. I have to say - it felt like being in paradise.

Of course, I chose backpacker resorts, because these are inexpensive, and usually a lot more fun. This was my room for the first three nights. I had my own private lodge, because the number of guests on that island was just so little.

Yes, my lodge had an amazingly beautiful ocean view and I could just spent hours on my balcony just watching the blue flat surfce of water.

The first day I basically only slept. I didn't have any meals - I just slept and the next morning I though - why not watch the sunrise.

The entertainment was not that big, but then there were only about 30 people on that island. This was one of the the major events - a frog race. I didn't want much party for the first few night anyway - just peace and quiet and I got alot of that ;-)

The resort at night...

Our little pool...

Of course, we had the ocean right in front of the hotel. For the first time I had palm trees right up to the water.

After the first three days I left for another island called Beach Comber Island. I was taken there with a speed boat, since I was the only one going there. This island is that huge, that it took me the great amount of ten minutes to walk around it ;-)

There is no shopping on that island, but all meals where included. I haven't eaten that much each day for a long long time and the food was just awesome.

The beach on that island... I should have taken a short video walking around it ;-)


Well, there was a lot more party on this island. Private lodges there are very expensive and so I decided to stay in a dorm. What I didn't know... there is only one single dorm and more than 100 people sleep in it. So it was just like a 100 bed roo, a new experience, but still a lot of fun.

There was a lot more entertainment on this island. There was a show on every night and after that the bar was open until the last customer left.

Fijians are very friendly and helpful people and very relaxed after the first 5 night I returned to the main island. There however, I had to really be careful not to get ripped off. Fortunately, people are not as annoying as in Bali. These first days were just like paradise. I did was I wanted - nothing. I stayed in the sun, went for a simm in the ocean, enjoyed meeting people... and doing so - always in Fiji time. And on Fiji there is absolutely no concept of time.

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