Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th June 2005 - Adirondack National Park
We spent Wednesday and Thursday in the Adirondack National Park. After all the cities and towns we have come through the national park was a very welcome change for me. Adirondack NP is located inside the USA, but one can already imagine the endless spaces of the north with forests, mountains, and lakes…
Hudson River at the edge of the park. First sight of nature and everyone jumps for it ;-).

Within the park there are hundreds of lakes and what is the best way to see a beautiful countryside in one day - a bird view. We took a plane ride on this little plan. It was a very shaky flight, but it was worth it.

Over night we stayed at the Best Western at or in Lake Placid - of course, this place is quite known, but around this time a year very calm.

Hotel lobby.

View across the lake from our hotel room...

Lake Placid Olympic Museum.

Lake Placid Olympic Ice.

One way to explore a national park is by car and other machinery; another way is to do something more sportif. So we decided to use the second day for more workout and did an extensive cayaking tour.

A house on the lake. For those who like to have their peace and quiet.

After all this paddling I still look quite fine ;-)

On our way back it started raining cats and dogs. We got right into a very heavy thunder storm. The entire time on the lake we managed to stay dry, although sometimes I got quite close to tipping over. However, the last 300 yards, it started raining so heavily that we all got back to shore drenched. The thunderstorm around us was quite scary. Unfortunately, I had to hide my camery in a dry spot.

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