Saturday 4th - Tuesday 7th June 2005 - Mystic, Providence, Plymouth, and Boston
Getting up early in the morning will never be easy. Just in time, right before the check out deadline, we managed to leave our designer hotel in New York and started heading north towards Boston. We decided not to drive to Boston directly, but rather to take it slowly along the Atlantic coast. Along the way, we stopped in Mystic, Plymouth, and Providence. And, to see more of the country side, leaving New York I navigated us through undiscovered scenery ;-)
The first stopp along the way was Mystic, a historic waling station from the time of colonialisation. Here tourists can see an old waling ship and a historic village. However, we got there too late in the afternoon and all the attractions were closed. Mystic is a very quiet city, but we decided to watch the sunset from its harbour.

A famous attraction - an old still working lifting bridge.

Sleepy little town...

A house at the lake...

The Crew

Two ships that belong to the museum village.

Sunset differently... After the sunset we continued our way north.

Our next stop was Providence - which is a just as sleepy city as Mystic. Fortunately, we were able to find a BnB for the night. Otherwise, we might have had to sleep in our van. Next morning after checkout we immediately took a walk through the city. Somehow, it must have been Sunday, because there were almost no people in the streets.

Historic building

Providence and Rhode Island State House

Daniel and Markus reading a map - where next?

Next stop - Plymtouh.

Historic building

Mayflower re-construction

American flags everywhere...

The last point of interest on this part of the tour was historic Boston city.

To make it easier for tourists, a red line through the entire city can be followed to all the attractions and sites. Only sometimes, at construction sites, this line might be missing...

Everywhere in Boston for the tourists peopl are dressed in clothes from the colonial times.

Boston Tea Party - we missed that party ;-).

War memorial

Another memorial

A coffee at Starbucks to wake up. After so many cities and so much history, it's time to get back to nature.

Write a Commont...