Monday 27th June - Friday 1st July 2005 - London
Even though it has been a couple weeks and even months, or maybe just because it is now time to put the maybe last report in writing. Monday morning after a relatively short flight from Montreal I happily arrived in London. I was kind of drunken-dizzy getting of that plane - maybe because of the thin air aboard... Well, I was happy to be picked up by Kerstin and Maria, because that way I didn’t have to worry about getting into town…
Right after arriving at the hotel I took a short 8 hour nap to get over the jetlag and everything else. Meanwhile Kerstin and Maria went to town to find out who could spend the most money in the least time. London is an amazing city and I wonder why I haven’t been there before. Too close I say - or, too expensive. Here are some pics…

Buckingham Palace - Home of the Queen

Kerstin inside the London Eye

About 25 people fit in each of these things.

British Airways created the London Eye and that's why staff says - enjoy your flight - which by the way is about 30 minutes long.

Parliament and Big Ben

St Pauls Cathedral

Westminster Abbey - a graveyard

Tower Bridge

Tower of London

Are those real - or not? Madame Tussaud's almost looks like a Hollywood party and it's usually quite crowded. That's why it took me a moment to figure out which ones of the figures are not real, becuase of all the posing tourists.

The Beatles were there too - and the royal family...

Who is the guy in the middle?

London City

To take this picture we had to climb more than 500 steps to the top of St Pauls.

Changing of the Guards

There is so much to see in London, that it is impossible to see everything, like this little detail.


Marmeladeshopping at Harrods

During a visit in London a traditional English Tea Time cannot be missed out on. So we dressed up and had a cup of tea at the Walldorf and a glass of champagne and a snak - for about 87 pounds. ;-) It felt like an afternoon in a place of the high society.

My Sister and I

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