Monday 13th - Wednesday 15th June 2005 - Toronto and Niagara Falls
Canada is big, quite big, too big to see everything in one or two weeks. So we decided to cover just the part from Montreal to Niagara Falls. In order not to waste time on the highways during the day we decided to drive to Toronto over night from Sunday to Monday; 8 hours of straight driving...
Fortunately, on all major roads and motorways there are audible lines, as there are in other countries. And if one drives on them they will often make sure people wake up with a little adrenalin.

For the hungry on feet... on every corner of Toronto there are these hotdog places - cheap and big.

Toronto City Hall I think...

Hockey Hall of Fame


Toronto Tower

Although thousands of people dare to do it and everyone knows - it is safe - , and that the glass is unbreakable, it take a couple seconds to fight onesels and step on it - in about 900 feet above the ground. These are my feet.


Blue Jays Stadium

Niagara Falls

We went on one of these Magic Myst boats, too.

Starbucks is everywhere.

Entire Niagara city on the Canadian side is for the marketing of the falls and other weird attractions.

We also had a little re-union. Melissa, who I met in Melbourne decided to come over form Buffalo.

...for a good bye - Niagara Falls at night.

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